Funny Dares for Truth Or Dare/ Forfeits in a Classroom

Here’s a list of a humorous challenge for Truth Or Dare/forfeits which you can do in a classroom if you’re not truly interest or you’ll be able to only do them for fun during class.

  1. Whenever a certain word is said by the teacher, like “ionic bonding” or “okay” or “umm” stand up.
  2. Say “Awesome!” actually loudly after the teacher says something a) of your choice or b) of your friends’ choice.
  3. Draw a mustache on your face. It can be a Hitler mustache, a walrus mustache that is bushy, a Hercule Poirot mustache, or you can stick your chin for a Confucius mustache and some strips of paper together. Bonus points whenever a teacher asks you a question if you stroke it.
  4. Answer every question the teacher asks for another ten minutes if you don’t understand the answer. (Fix the period to how often your teacher asks questions.)
  5. Lift your hand and tell the teacher something totally irrelevant to the lesson I have four tortoises at home” or “My mom likes eating turnips.”
  6. Tell the teacher that he or she is quite pretty/attractive.
  7. Tell the teacher that he or she is balding.
  8. Sing happy birthday to someone in the course.
  9. The person has to be at least three seats away. (or more, if you like.)
  10. Balance a book on your head for one minute.
  11. Grin stupidly at the teacher (and not talk) whenever he/she address you until the span is over.
  12. Eat something. (Hopefully, you’ve got access to some edible foodstuff)
    If he or she does not sit next to you, move to them. If you do not have a girlfriend/boyfriend, or if he or she is not in that specific group, kiss something a) of your choice or b) of your friend’s pick
  13. Say something idiotic (loud). Like “a squared plus b squared equals five pi two cosines teeter
  14. When the teacher asks you why you did that, say something incredibly silly, like you’re a vampire and you can’t live in bright-lit areas.
  15. Ask the teacher if you may go to Mars and raise your hand /the principal’s office/ the films/meet with your secret unicorn/look for Santa Claus.
  16. Take your shoes out and leave them away until the teacher says something predetermined, for example, “ok.” Bonus if you’ve got smelly feet.
  17. Talk only to your pencils for five minutes/your next turn.
  18. Walk to the waste paper basket and declare your undying love for this.
  19. The more drastically, the better.
  20. Walk to the waste paper basket and kick it over.
  21. Laugh loudly and suddenly, for no evident reason. The longer, the better, the laugh is sustained by you.
  22. Pin a note to your back, like “I’m the ruler of the world” or something equally silly (like a donkey tail), and walk to the front of the category and back, under the guise of throwing something in the wastepaper bin, sharpening your pencil, picking something up, borrowing something, or what you may can think of. Pretend never to comprehend what he or she is discussing if someone tries to let you know about it.
  23. Then return to your seat. Say you thought you saw a piece of the sky, when/if your teacher asks you what you are doing.
  24. Pretend to contend with something of your own choice. Continue until a) at least seven classmates see and give you odd looks, or b) the teacher lets you know to cut it out.
  25. Have a dialogue with the teacher for at least two minutes.
  26. Talk with an exaggerated accent (Boston, British, Cockney, American-if you’re not American, Indian, Russian, Darth Vader, Squeaky and high-pitched, Japanese, posh royalty) whenever anyone addresses you for the next fifteen minutes.
  27. Make an “mmmm” seem until someone notices. Say something shrewd, when he or she asks what you are doing.
  28. Hum a song/soundtrack until someone at least five seats away imagines what it really is.
  29. Do two push ups, or ten jumping jacks?

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